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Road and Trail Management Plan

November 16, 2015 Update

Region 1 Road and Trail Projects Proposed by the Public
Following a Region 1 RTMP implementation workshop in March 2015, the public had an opportunity to submit proposals for road and trail projects in Baltimore Canyon, King Mountain, Blithedale Summit, Camino Alto, Alto Bowl, and Horse Hill Preserves. An initial list of Region 1 proposed projects is now available. Inclusion of a proposed project on this list, even when highly ranked, does not guarantee that a project will be selected for implementation in the near or long term. This list will be updated from time to time as new proposals are received and processed.

Region 2 System Designation Maps
Following a Region 2 RTMP implementation workshop in October 2015, the public had an opportunity to view and comment on the proposed MCOSD road and trail system maps for French Ranch, Maurice Thorner Memorial, Roy’s Redwoods, Gary Giacomini, Loma Alta, White Hill, and Cascade Canyon preserves. Region 2 maps are now available.  Formal road and trail project proposals may be submitted at any time. Those proposals received through August 2016 will be evaluated and considered in the Marin County Parks annual budget development process for the following budget year.


The 680 Trail

Final Tiered Program Environmental Impact Report and Draft Road and Trail Management Plan Approved by the County

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) has completed a Final Tiered Program Environmental Impact Report (TPEIR) for its Draft Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) and both documents were approved by the Marin County Board of Directors of the Open Space District (Board of Supervisors) at its December 16, 2014 meeting, with some amendments as requested by members of the Board. The MCL Parks and Open Space Committee is continuing to review the process.

The RTMP will apply to all 34 open space preserves. Its goals are to establish and maintain a sustainable system of roads and trails that meet design and management standards, reduce the environmental impact of roads and trails on natural resources and improve the visitor experience and visitor safety. One of the stated objectives of the RTMP is to open up more opportunities for mountain bikes on narrow (“single-track”) trails.

MCL has followed the RTMP planning and environmental process for four years, attended many workshops, and submitted many letters of comment. MCL continues to have concerns that although the RTMP does address conflict between user groups in the form of management  policies, it does not contain trail design standards specific to safe shared use by pedestrians, equestrians, and mountain bikes. MCL believes that the RTMP is incomplete without such standards and submitted comments to this effect on December 5, 2014. MCL is also continuing to discuss causes of and most effective means for preventing the spread of invasive plants along recreational trails and roads in open space lands.

Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan Heron

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) has released its Draft Vegetation and Biodiversity Management Plan (Draft VBMP).  MCL submitted comments, which were due on or before July 8, 2015.

Digital and printed copies of the Draft VBMP are available. Please note that the digital copy available on this webpage is web-friendly (or low resolution). The high resolution digital copy, which is available on compact disc or flash drive, exceeds the maximum file size limit to publish online. View or download Draft VBMP.

Marin Conservation League has been following this Plan closely throughout its development. See the Sept/Oct 2013 Newsletter for an analysis.

Documents and Correspondence

July 9, 2019 - Letter to National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supporting Marin County Parks application for funding of the Bothin Marsh Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project
April 3, 2019- Letter to the Marin IJ Readers' Forum correcting misinformation on electric bicycles on county open space roads and bike paths.

October 6, 2017 - Letter to Marin Municipal Water District re: Amendment of the Mt. Tamalpais RTMP-Restoration of Azalea Hill

August 4, 2017 - Letter to Marin County Parks re: JARPA application for Hunt Camp Trail Improvements Project

May 15, 2017 - Letter to Marin County Parks re: Hunt Camp Trail Improvement Project


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