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Marinwood Plaza

In 2013, MCL’s Land Use and Transportation Committee reviewed plans for redevelopment of Marinwood Plaza, including 72 affordable housing units, 10 market rate units, and almost 21,000 square feet of commercial and parking. An existing market would remain. The major unresolved environmental issue is toxic cleanup from a dry cleaning operation previously on the site, and there is concern in the community that, under state law, although the development is subject to a school impact fee, the affordable units do not pay full property taxes.  Redevelopment of the plaza has been discussed for about a decade but this is the first set of plans to actually be submitted to the county’s CDA. The Marin Conservation League Land Use Committee found the plans to be consistent with MCL policies and  recommended MCL’s support.
The property is currently on the market (April 2015).

MCL supports in principle the Marinwood Plaza mixed use project, including affordable housing, submitted to the Community Development Agency on May 21, 2013, as the preliminary plans are consistent with existing MCL policy, and recognizing that environmental review is pending.
Position approved by the MCL Board of Directors on September 17, 2013.


Affordable Housing

Ecumenical Association for Housing's project, Drake's Way (shown at right), 24 affordable homes, was completed in late 2009. The project exemplifies all of the key environmental practices that MCL encourages:  A “Smart Growth” infill location near transportation, employment, and services; and LEED-certified sustainable materials and maintenance, including solar photovoltaic panels.

  Documents and Correspondence


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