San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

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The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (Authority) is a new regional government agency charged with raising and allocating resources for the restoration, enhancement, protection, and enjoyment of wetlands and wildlife habitat in the San Francisco Bay and along its shoreline. The Authority was created by the California legislature in 2008 with the enactment of AB 2954 (Lieber). It seeks to:
  • Educate the community on the benefits of Bay restoration
  • Solicit feedback on priorities and projects throughout the Bay Area
  • Evaluate support for a November 2014 regional parcel tax measure
Marin Conservation League, along with numerous other local organizations, individuals and elected officials, supports the idea of  placing a regional revenue measure (parcel tax) on the ballot in November 2014. Polling conducted in 2011 shows that Bay Area residents are strongly supportive of paying a modest amount (on the order of $10-20 per year) to fund this critical work.
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